Concrete Chasing

Concrete chasing is the means by which channels are formed in concrete to house electrical conduits and pipework in an otherwise solid material. Due to its effectiveness at hiding pipework and cabling throughout a building in the walls and floors of the building itself, concrete chasing is widely used throughout the construction sector to provide projects with superior and tidy aesthetic qualities.

The channels are formed using hand-held grinders that utilise a diamond cutting blade to slice a chase through the concrete, catching dust as it does so to make the process as unintrusive as possible. The process is famed for its precision, and our staff here at Drilltec are highly trained and experienced in concrete chasing and provide a professional finish every time.

At Drilltec Diamond Drilling, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality wall chasing and floor chasing services throughout the South East of England and beyond from our base in Luton. For more information about how we can help with your construction and concrete chasing requirements, contact our team today.