Concrete bursting boasts multiple benefits that have made it a hugely popular demolition method within the construction and demolition industry. Its quiet and efficient ability to break down large volumes of concrete into manageable chunks has seen the method be used on a variety of different jobs, including the demolition of foundations, pillars, bearers, walls and floors. If you’re considering using concrete bursting on your next project, read on to learn about the top 6 benefits of concrete bursting.

What is concrete bursting?

Concrete bursting is effectively a method of minimal-noise, minimal-dust demolition, used to remove large masses of concrete. First, holes are drilled into a concrete structure, and in each hole a burster head is inserted. Driven by hydraulic power, these burster heads are slowly and mechanically expanded, cracking the concrete along the planes of weakness between the drilled holes. This results in the mass of concrete sporting a network of cracks, effectively splitting it into a series of easily removed blocks.

Benefits of concrete bursting

Minimal noise: The initial drilling of the holes during this method does produce some noise, but the rest of the process is virtually silent. This makes it an extremely quiet method of demolition compared with others, making it ideal for use near office blocks or residential houses.

Minimal vibration: Once again, the initial drilling produces some small vibrations, with the majority of the process possessing none. This is fantastic news for the comfort of construction workers operating the machinery.

Dust-free: Concrete bursting is a fairly gentle method of demolition compared to its dynamite-blasting cousins. Because this method is non-percussive, no dust is produced, making this a clean technique with minimal cleanup.

Good for confined spaces: If your project requires a more controlled and delicate approach where heavy equipment or an indelicate approach is unsuitable, then concrete bursting is a great method to meet all of those needs. It is a low-hassle approach ideal for use in confined spaces, as the equipment is easy to maneuver and causes little disruption.

Perfect for removing large concrete structures:
Whatever the thickness or strength of your concrete structure, concrete bursting can be counted on to break it down into small, workable chunks. This then allows you to remove the pieces with ease, meaning this technique is perfect for many applications, such as floors, walls, foundations, bearers, and other structures.

Inexpensive: In addition to enjoying all of the above advantages, the relatively inexpensive method of concrete bursting can also save your company a few pennies when it comes time to carry out a demolition.

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