The Drilling and Sawing Association (DSA) is the only organisation representing the interests of companies involved in the diamond drilling and sawing industry. The organisation is committed to improving standards, including setting up codes for workplace safety and providing education and training.


Founded in 1984, the DSA originally included eight specialist drilling and sawing specialist contractors. These members were leaders in the UK’s drilling and sawing sectors who had the goal of establishing a voice for the industry, as well as promoting the diamond cutting sector. The founders of the DSA also wanted to improve operational and safety standards in the industry. Since its founding, the DSA has become the only organisation that supports companies in the drilling and sawing industry. It is also the only representative organisation that is dedicated to improving standards, safety, education and training in the industry.

In 1994, the DSA launched a formal government-recognised training/certification scheme for drilling and sawing. The first classes focused on safety awareness before the scheme evolved to include Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) certified qualifications, including Certificates of Competence in Drilling and Sawing. Since the 1990s, the DSA has continued to enhance its specialist training. In 2003, the organisation launched its Apprenticeship Scheme in Drilling and Sawing. The DSA also developed a supervisor training scheme in 2012.


Any contractor or supplier of equipment in the drilling and sawing industry is eligible to apply for DSA membership. Members have access to the DSA’s Code of Practice and receive up-to-date information about the industry. They also have access to training and education opportunities provided by the DSA. Membership also provides an opportunity for drilling and sawing contractors and suppliers to raise their profile and help shape the direction of the industry through the DSA’s work.

There are several classes of DSA membership. Members can join the DSA as a contractor, supplier, associate or affiliate member. Members are permitted to use the DSA logo, which tells customers and others that the contractor or supplier is committed to high training, safety and operational standards. Membership also tells potential customers that the contractor or supplier works to high standards, offers a range of techniques to undertake various projects, provides expert advice, and has a fully-qualified workforce.


Training provided by the DSA is available to drilling and sawing companies, leading to National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 2 qualifications in drilling and sawing. The organisation also operates an Assessment Centre for Registration for NVQs and provides Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) Cards in Drilling and Sawing.

Training programmes cover a range of topics relevant to the sector, including floor, hand, table, track and wire sawing. Specialist programmes are also provided on diamond drilling, hydraulic bursting, hydraulic hand crushing, hydraulic remote controlled crushing, and health and safety. DSA training services also include programmes that lead to additional qualifications at NVQ Level 3 and above, including for supervisory and management roles in drilling and sawing.

Drilltec: A Proud DSA Member

Drilltec is proud to be a member of the DSA. Drilltec offers specialist services for commercial and industrial diamond drilling as well as concrete sawing and cutting. With a skilled and experienced team, the latest machinery is used to provide top quality results. Based in Luton, Drilltec provides nationwide contract services for all types of construction and demolition projects.