In both domestic and commercial settings, concrete is a popular flooring choice for many. It’s hard-wearing, cost-effective, easy to maintain and suitable for almost any application, and contrary to popular belief, it can also look great too!  With the right floor preparation and a little forward planning, you can reap the benefits of your concrete floor for a long time.

Is concrete always the best choice?

Concrete flooring is a great option in all kinds of settings, but there are a few things to bear in mind when you’re figuring out if it’s the right choice for your project.


  • Easy to maintain – Simply requires a gentle cleaning agents to mop the floor every now and then to keep the dust and dirt at bay.
  • Versatile – You have the flexibility to choose any floor covering you’d like.
  • Durable – If properly sealed and maintained, the floor could last forever.
  • Environmentally friendly – In terms of the resources used, you will not have to worry about your carbon footprint and the effects on the surrounding environment.  
  • Various design options – Wide variety of colours and textures to choose from to hide the regular grey surface.


  • Hardness – Can sometimes be too hard, depending on its purpose i.e if people will be standing on their feet for long periods of time.
  • Moisture – If it hasn’t been properly sealed, water can get in which could lead to issues with mould, mildew and damp. Also, this water could freeze beneath the surface if temperatures plummet enough.
  • Condition of current floor-  Resurfacing, polishing, staining and overlaying concrete is often a simple and effective choice, but if you need significant repairs to your floor then it could be worth considering other flooring options before making a final decision.

How you can make concrete more appealing?

When you first think of concrete, you don’t often associate it with being aesthetically pleasing, but it is surprisingly easy to achieve this appearance. The trick is in the finish you choose and the stains you use – and with more and more of those finishes coming onto the market, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice.

  • Most concrete finishes will look better once they’ve been polished – this is an increasingly popular choice for retail settings.
  • For a luxury look, high-end metallic epoxies containing real metals can be used to give concrete a luxe patina. These epoxy finishes can be polished or not, depending on the kind of look you’re after.
  • Marbled finishes are another increasingly popular choice that can be used in all kinds of environments, giving you the chance to mix together all the colours in your scheme for a truly unique look.
  • No matter where your concrete is – inside, outside, domestic or commercial – there’s probably a stencil that can be used with acid stains to make it original. The options here are pretty much endless and they can be practical as well as decorative.


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