Concrete chasing is a technique employed for cutting neat channels in masonry or concrete structures known as chases. A chase is created using a hand-held power grinder that has a diamond blade. The process involves cutting two slots to a precise depth and width, then the concrete centre piece gets removed using a small breaker or a hammer drill.This is a quick technique and is comparatively dust-free due to an attached vacuum that collects any resultant dust before it can escape.

Chasing is utilised for cutting into floors, ceilings and walls for necessary pipe work and conduits. The method is appropriate for all manner of blockwork and brickwork. It is also used for diamond cutting in the mining and jewellery industry.

How does wall chasing work?

During floor or wall chasing, hand-held cutting tools that have double diamond blades are used for cutting the blockwork or brickwork. Typically, the blades are set in such a way that they cut at a constant and set depth. The number of sockets or cables required determines the number of parallel cuts that are to be made. Equipment for dust extraction is used together with the cutting process, and once the cutting is done, a small breaker or power drill may be used for gently breaking the centre piece away.

Benefits of floor and wall chasing

  • The dust is well controlled and contained using attached vacuum collection equipment
  • It is a dry-cut procedure that requires no water
  • It delivers very accurate and precise channels for the pipework and cables
  • With 415V floor saws, it is possible to work hard concrete floor slabs
  • It can provide a very fine finish for aesthetic design or decorative requirements

What are the uses?

Both abrasive and diamond blades are used in carrying out wall and floor chasing. This makes it possible to cut precise widths and depths in concrete, blockwork, brickwork, render, plaster or screeds to create chases for pipes, conduits or trunking. These are typically needed for electrical and plumbing installations.

Wall chasing

This is the cutting of narrow wall channels for electrical cabling and plumbing pipework. It also creates conduits during the construction of new homes or renovations of all ones.

Wall cutting

This entails the cutting of concrete or brick walls for the purposes of installing new windows, doors or for any other such requirement. This is a service that is particularly significant to the building renovation industry.

Concrete floor cutting

This is usually a technique used during an existing home remodelling or renovation process when new conduits are required.

Core drilling

Core drilling is used to create large holes in ceilings, floors or walls for purposes such as plumbing installations. An example of this is the installation of a new tumble dryer, whereby a hole will need to be drilled through the external wall for the new pipework.

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