No method of demolition has revolutionised health and safety quite like remote controlled robot demolition. This advanced technique allows the user to control the demolition machine whilst not on site, eliminating any dangers that may arise from being in the vicinity. As well as health and safety improvement, remote controlled robot demolition also boasts many other benefits including versatility, ease of use and less mess. But if you’re embarking on a construction project, you might be wondering how this technique compares to other demolition methods and why you should choose remote controlled robot demolition.

What is remote controlled robot demolition?

Modern and convenient, remote controlled robot demolition is a method by which the user can remotely control a compact machine from afar to carry out demolition work. They are usually run on battery or plugged into an electric power source. The hydraulic arm has an extended reach and the attachments can be changed to suit the project. Many companies produce robotic demolition devices including Brokk, who are one of the leading authorities of development of robotic demolition equipment.

What are the benefits of remote controlled robot demolition?

Health and safety: This technique is at the forefront of health and safety improvement, due to its ability to be operated off site by remote control. This allows workers to avoid dangers such as falling debris, collapses, or exposure to chemical fallout and particles. It also reduces the chance of employees developing injuries, as there is less lifting and manual labour involved in this method than with other types of demolition.

Compact: These machines are small but powerful, and their compact size allows them to navigate spaces that other equipment finds difficult to maneuver in. The machines small height means it can easily fit through doorways, and its power and speed allow it to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Hand demolition, in comparison, is much slower and less efficient.

Precise and versatile: Poise and precision are two elements that rank remote controlled robot demolition above other imprecise demolition methods, such as balling, explosions and wire rope pulling. Robotic demolition machines come with a range of different attachments that can be placed on the hydraulic arm, such as grapples, shears and others. This versatility grants the user a fantastic ability to choose which attachment is best for the specific situation.

Easy to operate: In the interests of safety, only trained professionals should operate the robotic machine. However, these machines are generally easy to operate and run on hydraulic and/or electric power.

No noise, vibration or fumes: Demolition methods such as balling, explosions, deliberate collapse and wire rope pulling, all produce excessive amounts of noise, vibrations and mess, resulting in the need for thorough cleanup. Remote controlled robot demolition is a clean method with minimal vibration and minimal noise pollution. Its use also produces no fumes, making it healthier and safer for anyone standing nearby.

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