Whatever the construction project, at some point concrete or stone will have to be removed with precision and skill. If you’re looking to use concrete cutting in your next venture, you may have a few questions about the process and how it works. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide, answering the most frequently asked questions about concrete cutting.

What is concrete cutting?

Simply put, concrete cutting is the controlled removal of concrete to form passages, openings, joints or holes. Often it is carried out with the use of saws and drills, which are frequently impregnated with diamond for the best results. Concrete cutting is an everyday need of the construction industry, and is used in many building and road projects.

When would I need to use concrete cutting?

Skilled concrete cutting is important for a vast range of applications. Flat surfaces such as floors, walls and roads require a concrete saw to slice through them, as do materials such as asphalt, stone, and of course, concrete. Jobs such as the creation of windows, lifts, joints, or doors can also benefit from this method, as can some demolition work.

Why do you need a water supply for concrete cutting?

Without water, sawing would generate huge clouds of dust that could be harmful to workers’ health, in addition to weakening onsite visibility. To reduce these unhealthy dust clouds, water can be used to lubricate and cool the saw blade, preventing it from overheating, and helping decrease the amount of dust produced. In summary, less mess is formed by using water, and it allows work to proceed quickly and cleanly, meaning less time is spent tidying up after a job – the slurry created by the wetting process is simply vacuumed or swept away.

Is concrete cutting loud?

People often associate construction with noise, and lots of it! However, concrete cutting is not as loud as you might think, and also results in little to no vibration. However, when operating the equipment, ear protection must always be used to protect the hearing of workers.

Are diamond concrete cutting saws really tipped with diamonds?

Yes! Whilst it’s not the same grade of diamonds sold in jewellery shops, diamonds are certainly used to impregnate the blades of concrete cutting saws and drills. The unique properties possessed by diamond blades grant them incredibly high-strength and therefore the ability to cut through materials of all types of thickness and hardness.

What are the benefits of controlled concrete cutting?

The advantages that concrete cutting offers are important for the commercial sector, where efficient and precise work is of the utmost importance. Some top benefits of concrete cutting include; precision of work, lack of dust, quick and efficient completion, and minimal site clean up.

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