This month with Drilltec Diamond Drilling we will be taking a quick run through of some of the ways in which construction companies and diamond drilling contractors can work to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Before operation

  • Make sure the diamond drill is off and not plugged in.
  • Check the vacuum, this can be damaged very easily after excessive use and it is important this is fixed or replaced.
  • See that the power cord is in good condition and that there aren’t any wires protruding out of the plastic protector; also check the plug is safe.
  • Don’t use your diamond drill if there are any missing parts.
  • Ensure your diamond drill lasts longer by always keeping it lubricated. (This can be done using a hose – by feeding water onto the material and down the hole being drilled this will make the process easier, save your drill and provide good results.)
  • Have all the right attachments, do not use add on parts that aren’t built for the diamond drill. Using the wrong accessories can break the tool and give a poor quality finish.
  • Clean the drill, this will help you to keep good grip and ensure you deliver only perfection.
  • Keep your blade sharp, a blunt blade can slide off the surface you’re drilling and cause an accident. Also if your blade is blunt, the results will be poor due to inaccuracy.

Like any process, it’s important to make sure you have everything and are ready to take on the task ahead, in a safe and methodical manner.

During operation

  • When drilling, you must wear protective gloves at all times to help you keep a tight grip on the diamond drill, and of course to keep your hands safe.
  • Although wearing gloves may protect you from light scratches, you must keep your hands away from the underside of the tool. Fingers can be lost and/or badly damaged if you come into contact with the drill bit. Remember this cuts through glass, stone, rock, tiles… you get the idea!
  • Your clothing must be tight, as baggy clothing may get in the way of the drill and cause injury.
  • Avoid serious injuries by drilling in an appropriate space where you can stand firmly on the ground.
  • If you’re drilling holes in a ceiling/floor you need to ensure you have taken the appropriate safety precautions, to ensure the debris doesn’t fall on anyone or break objects underneath.
  • Always keep your machine at the suggested speed and feed rate, to avoid burning out the motor and to save yourself from injury.

Never take on a job without consulting the manual first, remember it’s your safety that matters! Health and safety guidelines are enforced for a reason, so take care when handling heavy machinery.

If you would like more advice regarding your diamond drilling, please talk to an expert from Drilltec Diamond Drilling and we will answer your queries right away! Simply give us a call or email us today.