Working in the construction industry can be a rather risky business, which is why there is such a huge emphasis on following health and safety regulations that are applicable to your industry.

The type of jobs required by construction workers naturally come with higher risks. Let’s take a look at some of these risks that you, or your workers, could be exposed to:

Noise pollution

Most construction work, including diamond drilling, involves the regular exposure to loud noises. Overtime, this can have detrimental consequences on the quality of your hearing and the overall health of your ears. If the correct ear protection is not worn, tinnitus can occur which can eventually cause hearing loss.

Musculoskeletal disorders

MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorder) is an injury affecting the muscles, joints, tendons and other tissues in both the upper and lower limbs, and the back. It often occurs from exertion of lifting heavy objects or doing physically demanding work, like demolition work. Repeated exposure to the same task can be extremely painful so preventative methods should be implemented, such as changing how tasks are carried out or assessing a person’s physical ability to match the task at hand.

Asbestos exposure

There is a chance that asbestos can be found in any building built before 2000, yet it still proves a problem to construction workers today, with around 20 tradesmen dying each week from past exposure to the toxic material.

Any construction workers working alongside asbestos need to carry out the necessary precautions. Wearing PPE when working with, or in close proximity to asbestos is crucial as it releases fibres that, if inhaled, can cause serious disease including lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Respiratory disease

Respiratory tract diseases directly affect the air passages and lungs. It is often caused from inhaling toxic fumes and materials, such as asbestos. However, something seemingly harmless, like dust, can also be a cause for respiratory health problems if the correct protection is not worn. The most common respiratory diseases are: asthma, silicosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Employers’ responsibility

In order to avoid these occupational hazards in the construction industry, workers are responsible for helping to reduce the health and safety risks that are apparent. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Workers should be aware of the health and safety risks involved with the job
  • The site rules and procedures should be followed at all times
  • Any risks should be reported, as and when they are found
  • Cooperate with contractors overseeing the work e.g. site manager or principal contractor in charge of the project
  • Ensure all workers are wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Drilltec are aware of the occupational hazards that come with the type of construction work we do, and take every care to adhere to all the relevant health and safety regulations. Please visit our health and safety page for more information, or feel free to contact us for any further information on our diamond drilling services.