Brokk demolition is a robotic demolition method that allows you to break up materials in areas that would otherwise be very difficult to access. It is used for various forms of demolition, including crunching concrete, planing walls and floors, trenching and excavations, and comes with a range of attachments such as hydraulic jaws, loading buckets, percussive breakers and concrete milling heads.

Brokk demolition is an extremely popular method at the moment, for a whole host of reasons, so let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages you could benefit from when using it.

Health and Safety

Brokk devices offer peace of mind when it comes to health and safety concerns in the workplace. Unlike other machinery manufacturers, smaller models are available which makes it less of a hazard, however this is not the main reason for its safeness.

As a remote controlled piece of robotic machinery, this instantly makes it far safer and more reliable than other hand-operated machines, for a number of reasons:

  • It can be operated from a distance
  • Does not require any manpower from labourers in order to operate the machinery
  • No safety threats to workers e.g. falling objects etc.

Extremely powerful

When it comes to demolition work, you need something that is powerful enough to get the job done right, otherwise this could cause bigger problems for you. Brokk machinery makes light work of any task that needs doing. The machinery itself is durable, five times more powerful than other machines and works at higher speeds, getting the job done quicker whilst saving you time and money.  

Environmentally friendly

There are no harmful fumes produced and very little, or no noise at all from the robotics, and the same applies for vibration levels too, which puts the building at less risk of encountering any structural damage. This makes it great for people and wildlife in the surrounding area, but it also eliminates hazards in the workplace, such as hand-arm vibration problems and white finger (numbness and tingling in fingers).

Suitable for small spaces

With a range of different sizes available, you can choose the right piece of machinery to suit any job you may need to do. The compact size of the smaller pieces makes them perfect for fitting into tighter spaces, where other machinery would fail to do so. The smaller models can even be used via scaffolding, making them ultra convenient.  

Overall, Brokk machinery is an extremely popular demolition method that could help improve your efficiency levels and offers the ultimate when it comes to health and safety.

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