Concrete bursting, also known as hydraulic bursting, is a controlled method of demolition to separate large concrete structures into more manageable pieces. It is considered one of the safest and most efficient methods of removing mass concrete or brickwork, such as foundations, pillars and concrete walls.

How Does Concrete Bursting Work?

The technique uses a non-percussive hydraulic action by inserting powerful hydraulic bursters into pre-drilled holes, and then expanding them in order to induce a controlled cracking of the concrete. The cracking will break the concrete structure down into smaller pieces which are easier to remove. This process is repeated until the whole structure is fractured enough into removable sections.

Hydraulic bursting’s non-percussive feature makes it perfect for confined spaces or deep concrete masses where access and noise may be concerns, whilst high quality equipment means that the tonnes of pressure it can apply makes the hydraulic burster a formidable force when dealing with large quantities of concrete.

Advantages of Concrete Bursting

  • The process is virtually silent, making it ideal for areas where there are noise restrictions
  • It reduces hand and arm vibration for workers, making it safer and a more comfortable method to work with
  • Extremely effective tool for large concrete structures that are difficult to remove
  • An ideal alternative to noisier, percussive demolition methods
  • Dust free – the concrete is fractured into smaller segments, rather than completely destroyed
  • Large base of case studies proving it’s effectiveness – just ask our team at Drilltec for examples of our high quality work

Here at Drilltec, we offer specialist commercial services for industrial drilling for a range of projects – from one off demolition services to a long term project. Our team have a wealth of experience in a range of drilling techniques, including hydraulic bursting, and are committed to carrying out our work in the safest and most efficient way.

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