You might have heard the term ‘concrete crunching’ around, but you may well be left scratching your head as to what it’s all about. This month we’ll be taking a look at what concrete crunching involves, when it is used and the benefits of using it.

What is concrete crunching and when is it used?

Concrete crunching is a technique used to break concrete, as the title would suggest. It has many benefits, the main one being that it’s generally a lot quieter than usual methods of demolition work. In short, it means minimal disruption, so it can be used in more public places where lots of noise is generally not allowed.This article will outline what concrete crunching is, as well as how it’s used.

How does concrete crunching work?

Jaws are applied to the open edge of the concrete and powerful hydraulic breakers put pressure on it to close the gap, which effectively and easily breaks up the concrete. This action is repeated until the entire concrete structure has been removed. It uses 30 tonnes of pressure squeezing the concrete and causing it to break down.

What are the benefits of concrete crunching?

We’ve already gone into the noise minimising benefits, but it’s certainly not the only one. It is also a fairly small piece of equipment, which means that it can fit into compact spaces that high-powered machinery usually wouldn’t be able to reach. The jaws can be mounted onto a machine or can be hand-held, giving those using it the flexibility to use it however it is most suitable.

Concrete crunching is also practically emission-free, which makes it a lot better for the environment. There’s no dust, water or noise, making it ideal for built-up areas and preventing complaints from nearby residents.

Another benefit is that, unlike pneumatic methods of breaking down concrete, this method is non-percussive, meaning that it doesn’t affect the structural integrity of any surrounding buildings. This makes operations and demolition a lot safer, especially if only a certain portion of a structure needs to be removed and the rest left intact.

Applications of concrete crunching

Concrete  crunching can be used on many different areas and, because it can be used as handheld device, it makes it a lot more user-friendly than many other machinery. Whether you’re looking to break down your concrete internally or externally, it will do a great job for any project where it is needed. It’s the perfect tool for stairwells, walls or even floors, making a much simpler job of a daunting task that can usually be messy and loud.

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