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Brokk Robotic Demolition

Brokk robotic demolition machines make light work of even the most difficult of demolition tasks, and as such are an integral part of our equipment here at Drilltec.

The Swedish company Brokk revolutionised remote controlled demolition in the 1970s and have led the way for technology in the industry since, whilst improving health and safety standards for all those involved.

Why Choose Drilltec for Brokk Robotic Demolition?

Pioneering Technology

Utilising Brokk's state-of-the-art demolition machines, we ensure that your demolition tasks are executed with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Enhanced Safety

We’re committed to safety and by employing Brokk's robotic demolition technology, we significantly reduce the risk to our staff, site personnel and the general public.

Expertise in Demolition

As specialists in the field, we use this advanced technology to tackle foundations, walls and any structures requiring removal, preparing for the next stage of a project.

Strategic Location

Operating from our base in Stevenage, we offer prompt and effective drilling services across the Home Counties, London and Nationwide.

Compliance with Regulations

Our adoption of Brokk machinery aligns with health and safety standards, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for clients.

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By incorporating Brokk's robotic demolition machines into our toolkit, Drilltec not only enhances the efficiency and precision of our demolition tasks but also reinforces our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.

Whether it's for clearing foundations or dismantling walls, our expertise and equipment prepares for subsequent construction activities to proceed. For detailed information on how our Brokk robotic demolition services can benefit your project, feel free to speak to our team today.

  • Demolition power: despite its compact size, Brokk machines can outperform excavators five times as large.
  • Remote controlled operation: maximises efficiency while keeping the operator safe from harmful vibrations and dangerous areas.
  • No exhaust fumes: less noise and less maintenance.
  • Compact and manoeuvrable: easy to manoeuvre and easy to transport. Can gain access through narrow spaces and climb stairs.
  • Outriggers for stability: when working with heavy tools.
brokk robotic demolition


Brokk gives you more power in a smaller package. Whether the work environment is construction, metal processing, nuclear or underground, the almost frighteningly strong Brokk demolition robot makes it the ideal solution for effective, versatile and profitable demolition and maintenance work. A five ton Brokk is as powerful as a 25 ton excavator, and it gets the job done 500-600 (!) percent faster than with handheld tools. Still it is surprisingly compact and lightweight, and therefore easy to transport.


The remote-controlled Brokk enables the operator to manoeuvre the machine more effectively with a better view of the work. The ergonomic remote control also removes the operator from exposed areas and eliminates harmful vibrations and fumes.

The electric motor with Brokk SmartPower™️ is tailored for heavy duty demolition projects and gives you all the power, reliability and durability you need.


One hallmark of the Brokk demolition robot is its versatility. Thanks to the signature 3-arm system, Brokk gives the operator impressive reach and stability. The wide and ever-expanding range of original attachments makes it the perfect tool for a wide range of applications. No matter what your needs are, there is a right-sized Brokk and the right attachment for the job.

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