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Concrete Cutting

At Drilltec, we stand out through providing an exceptional diamond concrete cutting service, extending our expertise throughout the Home Counties, London and Nationwide.

Our service is designed to meet the demands of modern construction, offering precision, efficiency and minimal disruption.

Key Benefits of our Concrete Cutting Service:

An Expert Team

Our well-trained and experienced team are the backbone of our concrete cutting services.

Specialised Equipment

Utilising specialised machinery, we ensure each task is performed with utmost precision and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Services

Whether it's concrete coring, chasing, sawing or drilling, our team is equipped to handle a wide array of concrete cutting.

Minimal Disruption

We prioritise being as undisruptive as possible, ensuring our work causes minimal noise and interference.

Safety and Quality

We always adhere to the highest health and safety standards and guarantee a service that's not only efficient but also of a high standard.

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Concrete cutting is a critical step in shaping and preparing concrete for various construction and demolition applications. With Drilltec, you benefit from a team that's not only experienced but also committed to delivering results that align with the highest industry standards. Whether you're looking to create bespoke concrete shapes or prepare for concrete removal, our team is ready to provide the expertise and support needed.

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In addition to Concrete Cutting, we are specialised in a number of other services:

Track/Wire Sawing

Track/Wire sawing is a specialised cutting technique used when dealing with large or complex structures made of concrete, stone or metal. This method employs a diamond-impregnated wire or cable, which is guided through a system of pulleys attached to a track, allowing for precise and deep cuts. It's especially useful for cutting through substantial sections where traditional saws won’t work. Its precision ensures minimal damage to surrounding materials, making it a preferred choice for intricate and large-scale cutting tasks.

Floor Sawing

Commonly known as Flat Sawing, Floor Sawing is a specialised construction technique used to cut horizontal surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Using a powerful machine with a diamond-tipped blade, this method allows for efficient and precise cuts, making it essential for tasks such as creating expansion joints, installing underground utilities and demolition. The precision of Floor Sawing prevents structural damage making it a more preferred method over more ones like jackhammering. It's a quicker, less labour-intensive option that minimises noise and vibration, improves on-site safety and efficiency in a variety of construction and renovation projects.

Concrete Chasing

The method of Concrete Chasing is used extensively in the construction industry to conceal pipework and wiring within walls and floors, significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal and tidiness of a project. The creation of grooves or channels in concrete is achieved using handheld grinders equipped with diamond cutting blades, which precisely cut through the concrete. Renowned for its accuracy, Concrete Chasing at Drilltec is performed by our highly skilled and experienced team guaranteeing a high-quality finish on every occasion.

Hydraulic Bursting & Crunching

Drilltec has become a front-runner in the demolition sector, perfecting hydraulic crunching and bursting techniques. Our method for Hydraulic Crunching quietly breaks down concrete into smaller, more manageable pieces, ideal for non-disruptive demolition. We have the ability and experience to employ the technique of Hydraulic Bursting, inserting bursters into pre-drilled holes in the concrete. These devices expand, causing the concrete to crack and facilitating its efficient breakdown and removal.

Brokk Robotic Demolition

Using remotely operated compact robots, Brokk Robotic Demolition represents a cutting-edge advancement in the field of demolition. The compact robots are equipped with various attachments to undertake demolition tasks. Designed for power and precision, they can access tight spaces and hazardous environments where human operation would be risky. The versatility of Brokk machines allows them to perform a range of tasks, from breaking and crushing to cutting and digging, with enhanced efficiency and safety. Using Brokk Robotic Demolition reduces the need for manual labour and minimises exposure to potential hazards by offering a safer, faster and more controlled demolition process.

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