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5 Reasons for Brokk Robot Demolition

You may be wondering ‘What is Brokk Robot Demolition?’ and ‘Why use this method?’. Well this month Drilltec are here to answer your questions and help you come to terms with what it really is and why construction companies like ourselves use it for a number of jobs.

What is Brokk Robot Demolition?

It is a remote-controlled construction method that enables construction companies to complete deconstruction projects in the quickest, easiest and safest possible way. Brokk robots make easy work of controlled demolition because they are versatile, with multiple attachments that can be put on and taken off to adapt to the job at hand. These machines are revolutionary; they are useful when trying to reach awkward areas that would otherwise be hazardous for many on-site workers, not to mention it would take up much more time with traditional tools.


Brokk robot demolition increases safety on site thanks to the use of a hand-controlled remote that’s operated off-site. This is a perfect way to ensure that all workers are kept safe from potential trips, falls or falling debris.

When using hand-operated tools and machinery such as drills, the chances of injuries are much higher. Workers can develop a number of problems including hand-arm vibration, musculoskeletal disorders and tinnitus. Thankfully the Brokk robot machines eliminate these risks.


When it comes to demolition work, all projects require a lot of time and hard work. However with these high-tech Brokk robotic machines, no matter what the size of the project, you can guarantee that they will make easy work of it. Their robust exterior and strong interior allows them to break down a whole range of materials easily; they are powerful and precise, taking little time to complete each task.  

Great for space restricted areas

Old traditional machinery isn’t always easy transport around a construction site; this is why Brokk robotic demolition machines are used instead. These machines come in a whole range of sizes and they can even climb stairs in order to get to awkward, restricted areas.

Environmentally friendly

Old technology used in demolition often has a negative impact on the environment. The main issue being harsh vibrations; these can disturb people and animals and can even damage the structures of buildings nearby. A second issue is dust and toxic fume pollution which is carried in the air and can cause illness to those that live nearby. When it comes to Brokk robot demolition, you can count on minimal vibration, reduced dust upheaval and no toxic fumes.

Reduced noise

Noise can be very disruptive in all areas. In urban areas it can affect people who reside nearby as well as workers in offices, whilst wildlife in more rural locations are affected by demolition noise. This being said, thanks to new technology, Brokk robot machines are reducing noise pollution significantly through quiet and more efficient function.

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