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Five best practice methods to improve construction site safety

Construction sites are dangerous places for those that do not understand how to operate safely. However, if you and your company put these five best methods of construction site safety into practise, you can ensure health and safety measures are met. Improve your core principles of basic dos and don’ts with a little help from Drilltec Diamond Drilling.


No matter a person’s experience in the job role within the construction industry – or any industry for that matter – they must always have a run through of the potential hazards on site. It’s a must that all workers are vigilant, to reduce or eliminate the possibility of accidents. Ignorance is the most damaging thing a company can face and lack of awareness, could result in injury to themselves and other members of staff. To improve construction site safety, a basic requirement is to have every individual stay alert and be aware of what could happen if simple steps are neglected.


It goes without saying that training is vital. Before any employee begins work on site, they must undergo thorough training, regardless of their experience. Occupational Safety and Health Administration offer a variety of resources to aid companies and enhance their practices and regimes, with the use of including training videos, worksheets and pamphlets. Although some things can only be learnt on site, safety can always be learnt off-site to ensure best practice.

Rewards and warnings

For employees that stick to best practices, it’s important to reward them for being proactive. For those that miss meetings, leave damaged equipment lying around and forget to report accidents on site, these employees should receive warnings. By making it clear that carelessness is unacceptable, you will have a team that work together to avoid accidents and problems in the workplace.

Safety committee

Appoint one person from each team to be part of the safety committee as a point of contact to report any issues of damaged tools, accidents or safety concerns. These are to be corrected before a project commences.

Provide basic first aid training to your team, if they are aware of how to respond to injury then they will be more vigilant and will take health and safety in construction seriously.

Everyone’s accountable

Once the rules have been defined to every member of staff, anyone who goes on site should be held accountable for any unsafe practices.

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