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Five Inspirational Construction Projects Across London

This month, our experts will be reflecting on some of the most impressive construction projects that have taken place across London over the past few decades. With such impressive architecture surrounding us in our own capital, it’s time to pinpoint how improved technology and deeper construction knowledge has enabled these ultra-modern designs and quick completion dates.

St Paul’s Cathedral – 1675-1711

Although St Paul’s Cathedral doesn’t fit in with the ‘past few decades’, it’s an important building to mention, as it’s a great work of art and still remains one of the most impressive buildings in London today. This building took over thirty-six years to build, which just goes to show how technology has improved massively over the years, with buildings being erected in as little as a few years today. This being said, St.Paul’s Cathedral still impresses the masses with its incredible structure and breathtaking, intricate design.

Stock Exchange Tower – 1965-1970

This large building found on Old Broad Street stands 100 metres tall and consists of twenty-six floors. This building was the headquarters for the London Stock Exchange building until 2004, when they moved to a new location. The Stock exchange tower was originally built with a concrete structure but has been refurbished with new improved glass walls.  

Gherkin – 2001-2003

This building stands forty storeys high and is one of the most distinctive buildings in London due to the curved shape that resembles an elongated egg. This building is finished with rounded, patterned glass panels with an observation dome at the top. The Gherkin is built for maximum efficiency too, with open shafts constructed on each floor. These shafts alleviate the heat during the summer by carrying hot air through and out of the ventilation systems, with the opposite effect during the winter, in order to keep the building warm and energy bills down low.

The Leadenhall Building – 2011-2013

During the construction of the Leadenhall building, the majority of elements were built away from the site, to make for a safer, less wasteful process – not to mention this helped to reduce noise pollution. The building stands twenty-eight metres high and contains twelve floors. The structure of the building was put together with mega bolts (generally used to build bridges and oil rigs) and required purpose-built cranes to complete such an advanced, heavy-duty project. These cranes were used for a number of jobs during the construction but also to lift the impressive steel frame.  

Scalpel – 2014 – 2017

This thirty-seven storey building was built in 2014 and has been completed this year. The Scalpel has won the award for ‘excellent sustainable design’. This prestigious high-rise building has a lightweight steel frame to allow for maximum floor space, as the need for obtrusive structural columns is lessened. This type of design is being used more and more within the world of construction because it allows for a quicker project completion time and enables creativity.

Over the past few decades it’s easy to see how technology has improved due to the speedy completion dates – taking only a few years to finish, rather than decades. Although the new designs may not be as grand as those of St.Paul’s, what is important in this day and age, is to ensure that construction work creates little disruption and that buildings are built for maximum efficiency, to make for a greener environment. This being said, many of the modern buildings are certainly eye-catching and bring innovation and inspiration to many locations. Thanks to improved construction knowledge, London in particular, is a capital full of captivating and ultra-modern buildings.

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