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What are the different controlled demolition techniques?

This month, the experts at Drilltec are here to explain what controlled demolition is and describe in detail the different types of controlled demolition techniques. All of which are offered amongst the construction industry today to ensure a safe, efficient and effective solutions to all domestic and commercial projects.  

What is controlled demolition?

Controlled demolition is a procedure that involves taking down buildings and structures in a safe, guided manner in order to achieve the best timely results. This type of demolition is important because safety is paramount and as you can imagine, destroying a building isn’t so simple and can be very dangerous.

Demolition is much more complicated than just knocking a building down because it needs to be done in stages, for maximum control and stability. Most structures can’t be taken down in a day, so when things are in the process of being demolished, a building must be taken down in sections to ensure that the remains are as stable as possible.

Controlled demolition doesn’t include:

  • Blowing up buildings with dynamite
  • Bulldozers
  • Wrecking balls

Why? …because these are much less efficient procedures. These methods make more mess, dust and noise pollution, so much so, controlled demolition has become a popular solution amongst the masses within the construction industry.
Controlled demolition

The different techniques include:  

  • Brokk Robotic Demolition- a method that can be used off site with the use of a remote control. This hand held remote enables the machine to do the dangerous work for us, so our workers can avoid falling rocks, concrete and general debris. Brokk Robotic demolition is precise, quick, efficient and can be maneuvered into hard to reach areas – they can even climb the stairs! Brokk Robotic demolition is also environmentally friendly because it gives off very little noise pollution and thus, reduces the negative impact on the local workers and wildlife.
  • Diamond Drillinguses a rotary drill fixed diamond drill bit to make flawlessly measured holes. Why use a diamond drill bit? Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring matter, which is why it’s a common method used within this industry because it can drill through strong, resilient materials including concrete, glass and metal.
  • Hydraulic Concrete Bursting and Crunching the ‘bursting’ method is used to demolish vast concrete structures in a quick and safe way. This works by placing hydraulic bursting heads into drilled holes, which then creates splitting forces up to a maximum of 500 tonnes in order to crack the material. Once this is complete, the concrete will then be crunched and this method recycles uncontaminated concrete.

If you’re looking for good and honest work, call on the team here at Drilltec Diamond Drilling. We have a wealth of experience and work amongst a number of locations including: Cambridge, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Slough, Northampton, Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester. Whether you’re looking for diamond drilling, concrete cutting, diamond concrete sawing, concrete chasing, hydraulic bursting and crunching and Brokk Robotic demolition – we’re the team to call. Get in touch with our friendly team today and let’s make a start on your project!