Diamond drilling is a popular means for providing effective hole cutting within the construction and industrial sectors. Carbide and high speed steel drilling are alternatives to diamond drilling, however, they have never managed to match the popularity of diamond drilling.

Diamond is the hardest substance known to mankind, therefore, drills fitted with diamond heads can cut through most materials. There are several more reasons diamond drilling has become the most popular drilling technique, these include:


Drills fitted with diamond bits can be portable and lightweight, ensuring diamond drilling can be carried out in just about any location. Underwater drilling and drilling in confined spaces is fairly simple using diamond drilling techniques. It’s also possible to rig up remote control diamond drilling, so it truly is one of the most convenient means of aperture drilling.


Diamond drilling is an accurate technique, producing very little debris or dust. More accurate drilling of holes means there is little risk of accidentally causing any structural damage when using diamond drilling methodology.

Cuts any medium

Diamond drilling can be used to cut through concrete, stone, glass and rock. No matter how tough the surface material, diamond drills can break it down easily, while ensuring very little mess. Construction sites are often littered with broken concrete and stone, whereas diamond drilling reduces this debris to a minimum.


Diamond drilling is a speedy technique. The drills can be used at high speeds in almost any work situation, irrespective of materials being cut.

Damage reduction

Other drilling methods can cause damage to materials being drilled. Chips and cracks can easily be created in materials being drilled by other techniques, diamond drilling technology works out much cheaper because there are never any chips or cracks to be repaired in materials that have been drilled.

Low noise levels

Low levels of noise mean diamond drilling is preferred by industry workers of all types. The high speed of diamond drilling means there is less resonance while drilling is taking place, cutting down risks of noise damage to workers and people in surrounding areas considerably.

Cost effective

Diamond drill bits are cost effective, although multiple layers of diamonds are used in the manufacture of diamond drill heads, their long life and resistance to damage makes them the most cost effective drill bits on the market.

Another advantage of diamond drilling techniques is the health benefit to workers who continually drill into materials such as concrete. It has already been stated that diamond drilling does not cause dust, so it could be said that diamond drilling is a green technology due to this factor.

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